What we do

What we do

What we do for Students?

Credit4study.com is an online educational portal that provides interactive study material for students of classes 8th to 12th and for students studying in various programs beyond 12th to PG. Complete with elaborative live classes, multimedia tutorials, interactive exercises for innovation and all-round development of mind of the student. We endeavor to make study easy for students and help them score more. Our products are carefully designed to ensure maximum learning through proven techniques such as conceptual videos, adaptive learning and collaborative learning methods.

In addition to aligned study material, Credit4study.com has an extensive personality development section that helps students identify and enhance their soft skills for a holistic development. We also offer online tests to help students prepare for important competitive exams.

All of the above, we hereby offer students an option to test their skills by taking online exams of their relevant course material and other chapters which are the demand of the hour. By successfully clearing these exams students can add credit points to their account.


What we do for Teachers?

Teachers play an extraordinary part in the lives of children for the formative years of their development and the importance of teachers is something that cannot be understated. They involve themselves in moulding their students into responsible citizens of their country.

On this platform we are offering teachers a unique way to share their knowledge, educational content, & express themselves through writing blogs on various topics. We provide a chance for teachers to share their knowledge with students through webinars.

Teachers, who devote their time and efforts for the betterment of students, will be highly recognized through various programs conducted by us at regular intervals.


What we do for Parents?

Parents are the most essential part of any countries road map to success. Every effort made by parent contributes in the growth & learning of their child. Parents are the one who sets examples in front of their kids to make them understand the human values and ethics required in the journey of life.

We are empowering parents to share their experiences, knowledge and learning with the students in the form of blogs. We hereby try to give them an exposure so as to understand the behavioral changes coming in their child as they grow up through videos & tutorials of experts. Parents can enhance their skills by using our various learning tools and can also upgrade themselves in this competitive and dynamic digital scenario.

We also recognize the contribution of parents for their advice and suggestions to the students so that they can shape up their future in a better way.


What we do for school, colleges, universities and other educational Institutes?

Schools & colleges are treated as temple of education where foundation is laid in every student’s life.

Educational Institutes can use our platform to extend their reach beyond the traditional demographic boundaries and can spread their bandwidth across the web. The way education is being imparted since times are now changing at a brisk pace. Nowadays more n more new technical advancements are taking place to teach student and enhance their skills in a much better way.

It is the right moment for all educational institutions to make their presence on digital world so that they can explore new venues and make their presence count.

By using our platform, we offering a chance to directly interact and engage with the students across the country through various ways like writing blogs, articles and many more. Institutes can share their quality content so that student can perceive the brand value of the institute and quality education being imparting by them. 


Very helpful and Knowledgable stuff available

Kamal Arora

I have tried many Educational websites but this one is amazing.

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