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Live Healthy Life with Healthy Food

Nutritional value: 1 medium apple contains 80 calories and 3g of Dietary Fiber.
Disease-Fighting Factor: Apple contain an antioxidants known as quercetein which has natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties and may thus reduce allergic reactions
Tulsi Leaf : Tulsi leaf for children to improve memory, tulsi gives strength to the nervous system. Eat 5 to 7 leaves daily.
Drink fresh lemon juice to cleanse your system
Use pure lemon juice on wasp and bee stings to relieve pain
lemon juice mixed with olive oil may help to dissolve gallstones
it is believed that regular intake of fresh lemons may be useful in treating cases of kidney stones.
Lemons fruit is excellent in fighting disease that's related to infection
Drinking Water :
2 Glasses of Water After Waking up helps Activate Internal Organs
1 Glass of Water Thirty Minutes Before a Meal Helps Digestion
1 Glass of Water Before taking a bath/shower helps Lower Blood Pressure
1 Glass of Water Before Going to Bed Avoids Stroke or Heart Attack
Consuming two ripe bananas followed by a glass of warm milk not only help you rid the thin frame but also make you look and feel healtheir from within.
Helps who wants to quit smoking.
Can boost Brain power.
Prevents Anemia
Reduce Depression
Promotes healthy bones.
Milk: Boost your Immune System Decrease Inflammation
Cow's milk can be a source of calcium, a mineral that is important in the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth.
Cow's milk and soy milk contains protein, which supports muscle growth and repair.



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