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Do you know why Mint is so Healthy

Curious about using mint in your recipes? Mint is a perennial herb indigenous to Europe, with over twenty five different species across the world. one of the most common varieties is peppermint , which is more potent and typically associated with culinary and medical use. Menthol, the active ingredient in mint that provides it its characteristic flavor, is more concentrated in peppermint than in mint , and is considered an aid in digestion and a stomach-calmer. Oil of peppermint has also been used to stop the growth of bacterial,viral and fungous infections, and to address asthma, sinusitis, allergy-related colds and other respiratory issues.Nutritionally, peppermint is a good source of vitamins A and C, along with manganese, and copper.Opt for fresh mint as it provides a lot of flavor and look for leaves that are bright coloured. Wrap the mint leaves in a damp paper towel that loosely holds the leaves and place them in a  sealed plastic bag. They should keep for severel days in the fridge.


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