Health/Benefits of Gooseberry

Benefits of Gooseberry

Rich Source of Vitamin C
Amla is very good source of Vitamin C.
Strengthen Immunity Power
It enhances the immunity power of a person if it's used regularly.
Amla has antibacterial drug property therefore helps to fight against infection by building immunity.
Prevents from Ageing
Amla is the rich source of antioxidants thus prevents the body from free radicals, reduces cells damage, prevent from ageing, cancer and other diseases.
Beneficial for stomach and Liver
Amla reduces the inflammation and acidity.
Amla keeps the liver healthy (a most important body organ) and helps in flushing out additional toxins.
Keeps Urinary System Healthy
It additionally keeps the the urinary system healthy and helps in flushing out additional toxins while not over-stimulating the kidney.
Cures Sore throat
It cures the sore throat and cough if taken its juice with ginger juice together.
Keeps Bone Healthy
The extracts of amla help in speed down the activity of osteoclasts (a cell kind that breaks down the bone).
Prevents from Infection
It protects us from chronic cough, Bronchitis, tuberculosis as well as allergic asthma. 
Provides Nourishment to Nerves
It nourishes the nerves and provides relief in paralytic things.
Keeps Body Systems Healthy
It cures urinary, respiratory, cerebral, gastro, cardiovascular problems.
Increases Hemoglobin Level
Because of its iron content, it enhances the RBC production and hemoglobin.
Strengthens Teeth and Nails
It makes stronger the teeth and nails.
Improves Memory Power
Amla rejuvenates the brain and improves memory because it is made supply of antioxidants and vitamin-c which enhances the production of norepinephrine (neurotransmitter) thus enhances the mood and brain activity.
Provides Relief from Inflammation
It helps in curing the diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis and pancreatitis and age-related renal diseases.Because of its anti-inflammatory properties it reduces the joints (like knees) pain and swelling within the person with arthritis.
Reduces dangerous cholesterol
Amla enhances the level of good cholesterol means HDL and reduces the bad cholesterol.
Protects from Heart Diseases
Amla helps in preventing the the accumulation of plaques in the arteries means atherosclerosis thus protects heart diseases.
It improves the body resistance and strengthens the heart muscles.
Benefits of Amlafor Diabetes
Maintains glucose Level
Amla is rich in polyphenol therefore controls the diabetes and complications of diabetes. It assists in the good insulin absorption which leads to the reduced blood sugar.
Benefits of Amla for Eyes
Improves Eyesight
Amla juice if taken with honey helps in improving the eyesight.
Reduces Eye Inflammation
It helps in reducing the redness, itching and watering of the eyes as well as improves eyesight.
Benefits of Amla for Skin
Makes Skin Youthful
Gooseberry helps the skin looking great by removing blemishes, acne and other scars. It is good for getting better complexion as it is the excellent source of Vitamin C and minerals).
Provides Natural Glow to Skin
It lightens the skin complexion as it contains vitamin C (anti aging property) which provides youthful look and natural glow.
Keeps hair Healthy
It helps the hairs to look healthy and shiny than ever before if uses regularly. It minimizes the hair loss and helps the body to absorb more calcium from food.
Prevents from Premature Hair Graying
Amla oil massage helps in  inducing sound sleep and preventing premature hair graying because of antioxidant nature.
Promote Hair Growth
It strengthens hair follicles and encourages new hair growth if amla juice and juice mixture is applied to the scalp for twenty to thirty minutes and wash with very little warm water.
Treats Hair problems
Regular consumption of amla or amla juice helps in treating numerous hair issues like hair loss, hair fall, split ends and etc.


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