Health/Awesome Benefits of Mango Leaves for Diabetics

Awesome Benefits of Mango Leaves for Diabetics

Mango leaves in the treatment for diabetes
The extract of mango leaves has been used in the Chinese medicine for treating diabetes and asthma as they are high in active compounds which can control their symptoms, including:
Gallic acid;
Caffeine acid.
The leaves are able to remove toxins form the body and can work to protect it from allergies. They provide the following benefits:
Control of blood sugar – the extract of mango leaves can improve insulin production and the distribution of glucose that is able to lower the levels of blood sugar.
Cholesterol check – if the cholesterol levels are high they may damage the heart, causing issues if the person has diabetes. The leaves of mango are high in vitamin C, pectin, and fiber, they may lower the levels of bad cholesterol.
Prevents diabetic retinopathy – the leaves contain vitamin A which supports the eye health.
Frequent urination.
Unexplained weight loss.
Blurry vision.
Make diabetic’s life more manageable
The benefits are usable for the leaves form a young mango tree. You will be needing 10-15 of them. Just boil some water and let the leaves sit in a glass of boiling water overnight. Once you wake up,  drink it before you consume anything else. Make this tea routine part of your daily activities for a period of 2-3 months.


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