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Health Benefits of sprouts

May Reduce Anxiety Caused By stress: The flavonoids in bean sprouts, such as Vitamin C, provide protection against stress and anxiety
Help Maintain Good Eyes: The folate in bean sprouts helps maintain good eyes and fight macular degeneration
Support the Immune System: Thanks to their nutritional profile, including vitamin C and iron, sprouts support the immune system
Reduce Risk of Coronary Heart Disease: The vitamin K content, along with other vitamins and minerals present, help inhibit calcium buildup and improve heart health, thus reducing heart disease risk.
Build strong Bones: The manganese, Vitamin K and more in bean sprouts helps support strong bones and stave of osteoporosis.
And In short:
Good Source of Fibre
Lowers Cholestrol
Improves Heart Health
Improves Bone Health
Lowers glucose levels
Helps Look Younger
Rich in Vitamin K
Rich in Vitamin A 168 IU
Rich in Vitamin C 13 mg
Calcium 7.6 mg
Calories 8



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