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Great expectations

Author : Promotion Paradise Pvt. Ltd. | 30-03-2017

To find new strength you must go beyond the places, concepts, people, ideas you’re already comfortable with. New strength comes packaged inside new challenges.
New strength is plentifully available to you, yet it cannot simply be handed to you. New strength can only be earned by forging beyond what you already knew you could do.
When you must become stronger is when you do become stronger. When the situation demands that you up your game, your effectiveness jumps to the next level.
As challenges pop up with increasing speed, don’t waste energy feeling sorry for yourself. Recognize, appreciate and make the most of the opportunity you’re being given.
Each difficult challenges you faced that proved  you’re ready to grow stronger. 
Each uncomfortable situation is a place to discover how much more capable you can be.
Life makes you uncomfortable when it has great expectations for you. Make those expectations your own, and feel your strength grow as you fulfill each one.
The most important thing in life is to stop "I wish"and start saying "I will."
Consider nothing impossible,Then treat possibilities as probabilities.
             Charles Dickens


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