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Live with honesty

Author : Promotion Paradise Pvt. Ltd. | 29-03-2017

Often, honesty is not easy. Yet ultimately, honesty is much easier than dishonesty.
Being dishonest is never worth the price you must pay. It is impossible to be truly at peace when you are living a lie.
With each bit of dishonesty, you narrow your options. Eventually, you squeeze yourself into a corner from which there is no escape.
A commitment to honesty puts the power of truth on your side. Honesty expands your options and gives durability to your relationships.
Being honest with others compels you to be honest with yourself. And it is only when you are honest with yourself that you can fulfill your awesome positive possibilities.
Deceit can often be tempting, yet honesty is always the best way. Live with truth and you truly live.
"Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it will always get the right ones"



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