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Miracle that is your life

Author : Promotion Paradise Pvt. Ltd. | 23-03-2017

Protect all the things you think you need to ? Are there useless, even destructive, parts of your life so familar you are afraid to let them go?
Invest some time in a relaxed atmosphere enough to hear your soul whisper. Step away from the frenzy and remind yourself who you are.
Use your own power and listen your internal voice and think what you really want? Understand that the mind is your servant, not your master. Do good things.
Rejoice and be amazed at the diverse and beautiful lives of other people. But don't let their words, their attitudes, their follies diminish your own glorios, orignal spirit.
Often times the urgent matters are not so urgent, and can wait. Sometimes it is better to turn off your phone, to be out of touch with the world and in touch with the miracle that is your life.
Give yourself rich and sustained experience in life itself. Care deeply, feel intensely, thankful for every valuable moment that you can.


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Kamal Arora

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