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The great Hindu revolution of Narendra Modi

Author : Promotion Paradise Pvt. Ltd. | 21-03-2017

All these journalists got it wrong: True Up voted for Narendra Modi – but more than anything, they voted for a person who works seventeen hours every day, who puts the country before himself, who is daring enough to take a huge gamble- demonetisation- because he believes it's necessary for India. A Man who fights against corruption without fear and is the Prime Minister of all Indians, though once more, it's the Hindu vote which elective his party the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
This election may also have signalled the beginning of the end of caste politics,  another cancer that gnaws at India’s internal organ – and Mrs Mayawati had become a champion at it, taking a leaf from the Indian National Congress, who for seventy years, mostly got elected on the Dalit and Muslim vote.Many newspapers and tv channels blazed across the headline: “Saffron wave in Uttar Pradesh”. this is often another ill-advised coin word, that wants to sensationalize and demean, but which falls flat. What does ‘saffron’ mean? 1st saffron is especially cultivated in Kashmir – and that by Muslims – so it’s a wrong comparison. Secondly, in Hinduism, saffron is that the color of renunciation, a good looking and noble tradition, that has been followed all over the world, by Buddhists, Jews, or Sufi saints. Mr. Modi and many of of his ministers, like Manohar Parrikar, have renounced many of the worldly pleasures to work for their country and their party. When will Indian journalism stop being small, petty, untruthful, without any depth or vision?  The mastery of English does not make an Indian better than a simple country people of UP or Tamil Nadu,who lives more in his or her heart than these egotistic journalist and intellectuals. I was most of the day, when the election results came, on the WION TV studio, with totally different panels of journalists. Most of them were of the previous Nehruvian-Marxist mildew, dinosaurs, who do not realize that they are out of synchronise with reality and are clinging to an obscure and anti-evolutionary path. One of them, from the Hindu newspaper, even said that demonetisation was ‘communal’! Can you imagine how biased the guy can be?
All right, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) got four out of 5 states. Nothing wrong with that: Chanakya would have approved and also the Indian National Congress, who cries foul about Goa and Manipur, did much worse than that. One doesn’t need a deep political insight to predict that the Bhartiya janta party is soon going to rule the whole of India – both at the Centre and in the states – exactly the way Congress had done during the Nehru-Indira Gandhi era. And that the writing for Congress has been on the wall ever since. One of the big tasks of Mr. Narendra Modi,  now that he has secured more of a majority in the Rajya Sabha, is to reform education. Many have said that his selection of Yogi Adityanath as the UP Chief Minister, shows that he's moving towards a Hindu India, away from secularism. However, as I have explained in a series of articles in this blog, Hindu power will always be compassionate: Hindu men and women are still  today the only people in the world who recognise that God may manifest Himself or Herself at different times, using different names, and different scriptures. why a Hindu is still capable of worshipping of not only in his own temple,but also to enter in a Christian church or a Muslim mosque, and that with respect and devotion. The reverse is not true.
But for that it is important that Hindu children, now their own history, their poets, such as the great Kalidasa, who is on par with Shakespeare or Homer; their warriors, like Maharana Pratap, Shivaji Maharaj and many of others, who are as good, if no more visionary and more spiritual than Napoleon; their heroines, just like the Rani of Jhansi, or Ahilyabai of Indore, or Chennama, who easily compare with Joan of Arc; their philosophers, like Sri Aurobindo, whose depth, height and knowledge is as wide much greater than Nietzsche or Kant; their artists, whose sculptures, like the dancing Nataraj, or architects, who built the Meenakshi temple or the Rajasthan palaces, are so beautiful that they even survived the holocaust of repeated savage and bloody Muslim invasions – see the Hampi/Vijaynagar statues, every one of which the noses and ears have been chopped, but which still retain their ethereal beauty…?In this manner, they'll develop proud to be Hindus, wile retaining Hinduism’s broad outlook and tolerance, which truly is the knowledge that God is One but manifests Himself or Herself in multiple avatars, men and women.Instead, what happens? Most of Hindu children are brought up in schools and universities that mostly teach them western subjects and ideas and even Indian history is viewed through the negative western prism. As a result, not only do not they grow-up as Hindus, which would be a boon both to India and the world, but they become clones, good only for export – indeed Hindus are the biggest brain drain of the world, from India to the West.Mr Narendra Modi can succeed in his task only if a new generation of Hindu youth grows up with that knowledge and help him and the Bharatiya Janata Party  to introduce the essential reforms – not only educational, but also, economic, constitutional, judicial, cultural, sports wise, that are needed for India to become a true great power and spread this great Knowledge that will save the 


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