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We are all Inspired - Either Positively or Negatively

Author : Promotion Paradise Pvt. Ltd. | 06-03-2017

This is a story of Tow brothers. One was a drug addict and a drunker who frequently beat up his family. the opposite one was a very successful man who was respected in society and had a delightful family. Some people wanted to find out why two brothers from the same parents, brought up in the same environment, could be so different. the first one was asked, "How  come you do what you do? you're a drug addict, a drunk, and you beat your family. What Inspire you?" He said "My father." They asked, "What about your father?" The reply was, "My father was a drug addict, a drunk and he beat his family. What do you expect me to be? that is what I am." They went to the brother who was doing everything right and asked him a similar question. "How come you are doing everything right? what's your source of Inspiration ?" And guess what he said? "My father. when I was to a little boy, I used to see my father drunk and doing all the wrong things. I made up my mind that that is not what I wanted to be.
"Both were derivation their strength and motivation from a similar source, but one was using it positively and the other negatively.
Negative motivation brings the desire to take the easier way which ends up being the tougher way.


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