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Later is simply too Late

Author : Promotion Paradise Pvt. Ltd. | 21-02-2017

Some are made by taking foolish, ill- advised actions. yet the most painful mistakes are typically made by doing nothing.
when mistakes efforts bring undesirable results, you learn from the experience, recover it, get beyond it. but when your 
mistake may be a failure to act, you will create regret that never goes away.
the time to claim opportuninty, to act on it, to profit from it, is when it seems.later is simply too late.
yes,action is risky and there's the possibilty of failure. what's much worse,though,is the definitely of failure that comes from never taking action.
Don't let moments of chance, of opportunity slip irretrievably into the abyss of regret. dont be so reluctant to act that you just create the terribly failure you fear.
Harvest the full of valuable of now. summon the courage,the energy,the action to form sensible and purposeful use of every day while it's here.


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