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Fill life with great meaning

Author : Promotion Paradise Pvt. Ltd. | 08-06-2017

Do some such efforts in life that gives you the right direction in your life. Instead of Operating on this assumption that there is, can cause great pain, regret, heartache and despair in life.
When you invest yourself in anything, it has value to you. If you don’t, it doesn’t.
You can make your life great, fulfilling, joyful, satisfying. And no one else will do it for you, you have to try meaningful.
The substance of your life has meaning because you work to end it with meaning. You have the opportunity to do that in every moment, and as you do, life’s magnificence grows.
Don't settle for a worthless imitation of life by trying to get it for free. Create the value you wish to experience, and fill life with great meaning.


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Kamal Arora

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