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Feeling the progress

Author : Promotion Paradise Pvt. Ltd. | 25-04-2017

If you only wish for more, what you’ll get the most of is frustration. Yet when you make use of what you have, what you’ll get is real accomplishment.

When you complain about your circumstances in life, what you’ll get is a lot of destructive, depressing anger and resentment. When you use your circumstances as a platform from which to move forward, what you’ll get is the life you choose.
What you have does not matter nearly as much as what you decide to do with it. Where you are now is trivial when compared to the direction in which you are moving.
And you can move yourself in a positive, fulfilling direction no matter where you happen to be. You can create the life of your dreams no matter how much or how little you have with which to begin.
All the money in the world cannot equal the value of being alive, aware, and able to take action. That’s exactly what you have in this very moment, and it’s a precious treasure beyond compare.
Take the magnificent opportunity that is this day, and point it solidly, decisively in the direction of your dreams. Before the day is over, you’ll already be feeling the progress.


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